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Academy Starter Guide

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:55 am

Duel Academies are a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan site. They are forums based on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime's Duel Academy. We don't make money from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Our goal is to give duelists around the world better online dueling experience with much more fun. By Joining our site your dueling will have a purpose. You will learn more about Yu-Gi-Oh!, make new friends, compete with the best and on top of all, feel like you are in a real Duel Academy. We will offer tournaments, special events, many kinds of dueling challenges, great article library, card and deck discussions, professional help and much more, all well themed and adapted to our site.

Rules and Groups

Before you start to enjoy our site, it is very important to read the Rules. By registering, you accept following those rules and thus, for any violation you will take all responsibility. After you understood our terms of service, you can proceed to understanding how our forum groups operate. All needed information about member groups of Duel Academies can be found there.

Introducing Yourself

We want to know about you, so make sure that your first post and topic will be an introduction in the introductions section. Then our members will welcome you and that will be your official start in DDA.

Dorm System

We have 3 dorms: Luster Dorm, Majester Dorm and Dinoster Dorm. For us, you are valuable as much as you show us in here, what you are outside, it does not concern us. This means, you talk with your mettle, not with your mouth. There is also the Ignister Prominence Dorm which is for those who prove worthy. This dorm is reserved only for the best, the ones with many achievements here in DDA. Ranking up to a higher dorm can be done by two ways. First one is our Dorm Testing System. Second way is to participate in tournaments and events which give ranking up as a reward.

Now, you learned about the Dorm System and it is time to create your own dorm room. Dorm room is your own thread which is created in the dorm you belong to, and you can post things you like there. DDA is your home and that thread is your room in the house. Just don't post inappropriate content and keep it as a room, not some kind of hall where everyone posts like crazy. If you don't know what to post, try to look in other members' rooms and see if you can get some inspiration.


This place is a forum which means everything we do here, we do it by posting things in correct sections. While you wait for replies in your Introduction topic, check all sections in our forum so that when you post, you do it in the right place. We are looking for activity from our members, so we would like for everyone to be active and post in topics where they feel they can give an answer, or just discuss things. There are a lot of ways to raise your post count, the easiest is the OFF-TOPIC section. It's fun, you can post and discuss any topic you want, as long the thread doesn't contain any inappropriate material. You can also welcome new members into our academy every time someone posts an introduction. However, avoid posting in old topics which are not active anymore, that would be considered as spam and can get you in trouble. If you need technical help about posting and understanding the forum system in general, visit FAQ.

Duel Points

DracoPoints (DP) is our virtual money that we use in DDA for various things. DP gives you the ability to purchase things from Shops. Shops are threads where you order available items for sale that you are interested in. Those can be some special decks you want to be made for you, graphical art like banners, signatures, avatars, some item from our official DDA SHOP, or any other item that some custom shop offers. The DDA Main Shop is the academy's official shop and it gives items you can't purchase in other shops. More importantly it gives you the ability to purchase your own shop, so you can sell things too and earn DP that way. Another way to earn DP is in the DUEL FIELDS . There are special occasions like tournaments or other events which give certain amount of DP. These give usually high amounts of DP and you should be in touch when something like that is organized to participate. The best way to make DP is to do homework, and sometimes class work.

Dueling Systems

Dueling Systems are online programs on which we play Yugioh. DDA is not limited to one dueling system. We use all systems available, the best one to use is DUELING NETWORK. Everyone uses it and we use it as our main dueling system too. We also use YGOPRO and Duel Monsters Genesis on Byond as a secondaries. If you don't have an account, register there and you can play immediately. For more information look for their support. When you duel for something in DDA, you duel on DN and post/confirm your results in DDA, that is how things work.


Communication between our members is one of the important things as well. Besides posting in the forum and Private Messaging, Draco Duel Academy uses few more ways for communication. Then you have to click “Login” link and you're in. Besides DDA Chat, we use DN Private Messaging system. Each member has 'DN Name' in their profile, so if you want to communicate with a certain member, you can always find him/her by DN Name on DN. Now you are equipped and ready to communicate with other DDA members.

Check this out

After you know how our site works, there are a few features you should check out! We already mentioned Home Work and Quizzes. Check them out and possibly earn DracoPoints. Can you make it to the top? Many duelists try to be ranked 1st at the end of the Season because the winner gets immediately ranked up to Dinoster Dorm! Its definitely worth the effort. That is also a good way to rank up or at least get qualified for rank up exams!

If you still need any help. Please contact any staff and we will try to get right with you.

                                                                                                                       ~Your Founder
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